The Best Advice

This year I have decided that when something is not going as I would like that I will ask myself for advice…and take it!

How many times do you give friends or family loving advice such as:
‘You’re sick, it’d be good for you to go to the doctor/stay in bed/take the day off.’
‘You’ve been working so hard, why don’t you have a chill out for the afternoon.’
‘You need to talk to your employer/partner/friend/counsellor about the problems you’re having and try and find a solution.’
‘You’ve had a full on time, why don’t you do something nice for yourself today.’

And then when you find yourself in a similar situation you do nothing?

I can think of so many times in the past when I’ve been sick and have continued to soldier on, putting myself last, rather than going to the doctor and resting when that’s what I really needed. And you know what? More often than not I have only prolonged the problem and ended up sicker, seeing the doctor anyway.

I think some of us have this habitual pattern where we think everything and everyone else should come first. Where you think you’ll appear weak or think that it’s more important for the greater good that you keep going. When in fact, you’d not only be helping yourself but everyone else, by getting the help/support/time out you need, to be in the best space that you can be.

So for this reason I am going to be the first person I ask for help when I am in need of it from now on….and I am going to listen to myself too!!

I challenge you to do the same!