I am a certified Health and Wellness Coach with a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning.
I also have the necessary ‘life skill set’ that enables me to be positive, grateful, resilient and true to myself
and I can show you how to be these things too.

From an early age I battled with depression and anxiety. It at times left me feeling debilitated and unable to face the world. However I now have a good handle on it and am able to recognise my triggers and know what and who, helps me to feel better.

Coming from a teaching background, I have always gotten a buzz out of helping people grow and improve. It wasn’t until I stopped teaching, that I realised I was living in such an unhealthy state of stress and anxiety. I was supplementing not getting enough sleep, working long hours and pressure with caffeine and sugary foods to help pick me up and then alcohol to help me relax…sound familiar?

After having our first child, a beautiful daughter, my husband and I made the decision that while possible, I would be a stay at home mum. However I spent that first year feeling guilty for not working! Sadly there is so much guilt attached to being a mum, whether being a ‘stay at home’ or a ‘working mum’, we all feel it!

A year on, I had worked through my mummy guilt and was thoroughly enjoying motherhood. I was both excited and scared to find out I was pregnant with twins. My incredibly hormonal body didn’t know what had hit it! All of a sudden I went from being an active mum, to struggling to walk 100 meters without all of my joints aching. My body went through some pretty drastic changes, including putting on more than 20kg which caused daily back ache and sciatica. During this time I came to realise how difficult day to day activities could be for people carrying a significant amount of extra weight.

This was my turning point…

After having my gorgeous twin boys, I began a weight loss journey. Along the way I discovered the importance of forming healthy habits, spending time taking care of myself, surrounding myself with positive people who had my best interests at heart… and much, much more.

I found that the busiest time of my life also became my happiest. I was allowing time to take care of myself through regular exercise, a healthy diet, and organised fun times with no guilt attached.

Yes, I had two newborn babies and an energetic two year old but I also had heaps of energy, I was challenging myself, achieving goals and had high self-esteem.

I felt great and I wanted to help others to feel this way too! I wanted to empower others to make a lasting change to their health and wellness so I enrolled in a Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coaching course and studied nutrition, physical activity, positive psychology and the psychology of behaviour change. I had found my passion!

At this point we were living in Melbourne, loving it’s vibrancy, our friends and where we lived, but missing having extended family close by. There was also that want to give our kids a good kiwi upbringing. So we decided to move ourselves back home to New Zealand.

Small town, rural NZ was a bit of a culture shock! I found myself fairly isolated as a stay at home mum and it was difficult meeting people to make friends. A lot of my good habits that I had previously formed, began to waiver.


And then life threw me the biggest curve ball yet…

In late 2014 our beautiful, bright-eyed boy, Oakley, passed away unexpectedly after a very sudden and rare illness, just one month before his second birthday. This left his twin brother, elder sister, my husband and I, reeling from shock and with a gaping hole in our lives. We had to learn to navigate our way through this new life, filled with grief and loss, amidst a culture where death is not freely talked about.

I stared down my biggest challenge yet and fell into my old traps of emotional eating and drinking too much, giving up my exercise and putting on weight, which only added to my low mood. From here I bounced to my ‘always busy’ self – punishing myself with exercise, abstaining from alcohol and finding so many jobs to keep me busy that I didn’t have time to think or feel.

Fast forward two years and I am once again a ‘Well Being’. Allbeit a different one than last time for I am a very different person. I have remembered again what being a Well Being entails. That combination of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves being cared for and in sync with one another.

It is from this positive place that I am here, ready to support you on your journey to become a “Well Being”. For our wellness, is a journey, something that needs to be constantly adjusted and tweaked as your life unfolds.

As someone who has faced her share of challenges, I am armed with the insight, knowledge and strategies of what works to transform your WellBeing. This is not a quick fix, but a journey and each step of the way I will be there to support you, and offer the encouragement and accountability that is necessary to help you to make lasting change.