Loving Your Life Intention Bracelet


Created with Green Aventurine, Labradorite, Hematite & Howlite – infused with Reiki


I believe one of the keys to a happier life is to find gratitude in each and every day .. and to be honest some days are harder to do that than others! Life can be a mixture of daily routine that can wear us down, we can feel drained on all levels.. some days are full of celebration and joy … and some of heartbreak and sadness… the emotional roller coaster of life will throw us all curveballs, a lot of them outside of our control xxx However the one thing we can control is our attitude and what we choose to focus on each day..

If we can choose to seek the blessing in each day .. then those ordinary moments can become extraordinary and beautiful! This combination helps you to seek the magic in your daily routine, its energy is calming, loving and provides a sense of grounding for the days that may feel a little overwhelming. It reminds you to be thankful for each day as it brings you opportunities to spend time with those you love and do more of what lights your heart up which may manifest an abundance of happiness – every day is truly a gift and its up to you to choose how you spend it xxx

NOTE :  I created these Gratitude Bracelets on request for the beautiful ladies at Me Inc who believe in the magic of Gratitude & have a gorgeous line of products helping you to be a happier you!  Thank you Bex & Nicky!

All bracelets come in a beautiful organza bag with the Gratitude message & care instructions.

Please note this design is created with 24 x 8mm natural gemstone beads which may vary in colour due to the nature of crystals, if you choose a different size you will get the same gemstones but a different design as I always try to create my bracelets in a harmonic sequence.  It is approx 19-20cm on a strong elastic cord which fits most wrists – I ask that you please confirm your wrist size when ordered so I ensure a good fit for you.

Disclaimer:  Mystic Trinity makes no claims as to the healing properties of gemstones.  Healing and other properties associated with crystals are given for information only.  This information is offered as a service and is not meant to replace any medical treatment.